sorry to hear that. elementary school 'sensei' and 'sempai' - thats never been my experience. plus mark saying the kata taught there was dancing. plus the website looks like a cookie cutter mcdojo site/ yes, from my point of view it seems very likely a mcdojo.

but from your point of view...I'm sure it was really good stuff. mark seems to think he's become a better dancer from the Yoseikan experience....and thats great too.

Vernon Bell...I seem to remember seeing his signature on more than one 10th dan certificate via a sokeship council and hall of fame organization. Did Mr. Bell, with all respect, have authority to award 10th dan certificates?

nah, nevermind...wouldn't want to open that can o worms. The initiated can look it up for themselves.

you can have the last word if you want, I think I've read enough to answer my thread question.