Ed, You referred to the site you found as a mcdojo link. The Yoseikan Karate Association UK site you found does not consitite a mcdojo in my books. I think you have been unfair on that one. They explain the style very clearly the early Yoseikan style formed by minoru mochizuki that came to the UK via Verno Bell included the jitsu, karate, aikido elements. I think the only comment has been the young dan grade. On a personal viewpoint I disagree with junior dan grades but if a club (like many do) awards a dan grade to a junior surely if they are deemed a Dan grade then the title of Sensei goes with it. I have been to lots of clubs Wado, Shotokan where junior 1st kyus sempai. Again its not our preference but I think you will find alot of clubs would use that title - That does not make them a mcdojo.

This style was passed down across instructors in the UK - Mark was one of the practicing instructors of this style. Minoru's son Hiroo founded Yoseikan Budo (a style widely practised across France today).
From my understanding the early style of Yoseikan was practiced in the UK by various groups. Hiroo Mochizuki came to the UK in 1993 for a seminar in croydon and some of these groups I believe joined together.

Mark (who was teaching at a university) did everything he could to keep costs down for his students so people like me and Mr V were able to afford to train whilst studying. No charges were made for gradings and licence fees were kept to a minimum. Mark helped alot of instructors through their coaching qualifications and helped other instructors such as sharon in their early days of running a club.
Of course the association you found mentioned vernon bell he was responsible for bringing yoseikan to the UK so effectively we would have the same roots going back to the 60's.