Yea, I currently do Yoseikan-Ryu Karate, and after about 3-4 years, or at least from the dojo I'm learning from, I am really not impressed.

In my dojo, they do not teach you how to punch and kick properly, and the belt system (in Australia) we follow have multiple stripes in between each colour. From my reading of other various styles while I'm trying to switch styles soon, I guess it does follow a Shotokan-based sorta system, in that our katas are somewhat similar and have the same kata name and other various principles and aspects.

The style, at least from here, is quite tournament based. They seem to advocate high kicks (don't know about you guys, but I don't really like using it in a street confrontation), reverse punches and other point sparring type moves. Sparring is mostly no to light contact.

I'm not too shocked by the fees, 160 Australian dollars every 3 months is alright, yea?

So yea, in summary, Yoseikan karate is something I would not recommend, at least in Australia. It's pretty much Shotokan from what I've seen, but I guess only worse and more tournamentish sorta aspects. A lot more belts than most styles as well. The students themselves are pretty low standard as well, can't punch or kick. The only reason why I am able to even punch half decently or kick at a basic level is from my dad and the internet, nothing else. I want to get out, and join another karate style like Goju-ryu or something but have to wait...

I don't know about Yoseikan Budo, I heard it was pretty good. But I don't recommend Yoseikan Karate.

Just my experience.
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