I have seen a couple of classes and know one black belt in that style. I have met the head instructor in the States, Sensei Auge, once...nice, humble man with seemingly good abilities in Aikido and Judo. The technical merits for the advanced students in the Aikido side of things seemed quite good. And the black belt with whom I am familar with is a decent grappler.

The karate, as I have seen and have been exposed to by said black belt, is 'traditional' and too basic (to my liking) and for which I did not hold much consideration when practicing with this black belt, at least with respect to the karate portion as shown to me personally. The focus, however, was probably more on Aikido than the striking arts. The striking and kicking seemed more akin to Shotokan. This may not be true for other dojos, but the karate side of things did not warrant my consideration.

Here's a link to the Torrance head dojo.