well maybe the term genocide was a bit strong, he hasnt manage to totally eliminate the people of the middle east.

But the Usa are trying:-.........
But you are right my term genocide was incorrect, i should have said wholesale slaughter of innocents for politcal/financial gain.

Riiight Mark, you post the above cr4p, inferring that US military are purposely targeting civilians, and then you get all 'I am Mr reasonable, I havent said anything out of line at all'

Britain went into the war of its own volition, we have many cultural and idealogical values in common with the USA, and you tend to find that through such a long close political relationship, countries that pose a threat to the US, will also be against the UK, and vice versa. Both countries wanted to sort all this out back in the 90's post Kuwait, its not like Bush strong-armed the UK into going in.

Your right not to like war- you would have to be insane to find joy in the thought of death and destruction, and your views on the rights and wrongs of us being there are your own; but unfounded bismirching of the name, reputation, and motives/actions of people prepared to lay their life down for their country is repellent.

For shame sir.

As for swearing at you, plenty of people use ***** and creative spelling to convey strength of feeling on here, not just myself as a mod; and quite frankly you deserved it. Got a problem with that, take it up with Matt, if your skin is thick enough to take the responses that you so obviously calculated your inflammatory posts would create, then just concentrate on providing Laff with the answers he requested, or better yet, just keep your drivel on this topic to yourself.

Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'