Yes Hicks is shamelessly self promoted and someone should tell Australasian Taekwondo magazine that. one of the many reasons shane left and has had nothing to do with les or shim jang.

The ITF examiner based a 3rd Dan ITF promotion on what the 2nd Dan could do - NOT on the person who promoted said 2nd dan. Shane is certainly every bit 3rd Dan ITF material. In the ITF you can come from any other taekwondo and they will recognise your current rank up to 3rd dan, even if it was a less than honourable promotion - provided of course you can perform all of the required skill for your belt level, patterns, breaks etc and have done your time, which, obviously shane had done (time), and could do (skill), and to their high high standard. His 2nd dan was acknowledged by them because of that skill and high standard and his rank was accepted based on what he performed for them, not based on who promoted him. Only then he was offered promotion to 3rd dan.
Breakaway - meaning ITF - the original, Rhee a break away of that, Shim Jang a break away of that, Yin Yang a break away back to ITF - the original, he's come full circle.
Glad you like rhee-tard.