Shane left Rhee and went to Shim Jang in 2003 and then graded to 2nd dan with Shim Jang in Jan 04 after 6 years as a 1st Dan. He then left Shim Jang as a 2nd dan and formed Yin Yang and affiliated with the ITF (best move he ever made). He Spent 2 years as a 2nd dan (which is all that is required by ITF providing you know ALL OF YOUR GRADING SYLLABUS) then he graded to 3rd dan in Jan 06 by a panel of three ITF International Instructors- Mr Michael Muleta (6th Dan), Mr Steven Legrow (5th Degree) and Mr Christophe Galibert (5th Degree).
He has not skipped a grade, he has fulfilled all of his time requirements and fulfilled all of his technical and theory requirements also. His promotions have been honourable and he can hold his head high with integrity. Time wise he is due for promotion to 4th dan in Jan 2009 unless he gets a 6 month time deduction for the 3 day international instructors course he attended in Malaysia in March 2006, which would mean if he is invited to grade he could do so in July of 2008. So no matter what way you look at it, he's done all of his minimum time requirements for each and every grade and knows all of what is required of an ITF 3rd dan.
6 years as 1st Dan
2 years as 2nd Dan
Currently 3rd Dan
I can't see your problem with his gradings.