Thank you for response. General Choi was obviously a talented martial artist and leader as he was instrumental along with the South Korean Government in the birth of Taekwondo. General Choi has my respect however if you read further than your ITF encyclopedia’s, your friends advice and General Choi interviews the truth is a very sorry affair. General Choi rightly or wrongly is still known as traitor in South Korea, no matter how it has been written since by the ITF faithful. Fact, he was never permitted back into South Korea after his defection to the communist north in the 70’s. Here is a more ITF sympathetic take of events
Have you very asked yourself why you or other ITF-er’s do not know of the first class of TKD Masters and the important work they ALL did in formalised TKD as an international martial arts system.
Which of the “official” ITF organisations are truthful = Canada, Vienna or North Korea – I wonder how they have written their history of events following General Choi death - in their claim to be the ‘Official” ITF body.
What does it matter, if you have a strong Sabum and a dedicated Master, us students of the art should put all our energies into our training. Good luck to everyone training in any Taekowndo school, traditional, freestyle, progressive as long as they are training in the sincere spirit that TKD was born from and are personally moving forward in their development!