Thank you very much! I actually saw the info on the 1st link already. I didn't realize he was on there. Thats wonderful & thanks again for sharing it.
The 2nd link has some misinformation. The ITF was actually headquartered in Canada, from 1972 to 1985. It was moved to Vienna, Austria in 1985, to allow better access to socialist, communist & other Countries located in that region, as it was already in Asia & N. America. In fact, I think its Constitution states that it must remain there permantly. Ambassador Choi, lived in Canada & was a Canadian citizen till his death in 2002. He did leave at the end of his life, to die in the homeland of his birthplace. He never defected there, but he did exile himself to Canada in 1972.

The 1st time he went to NK was 1979. He then set up the plans to introduce his art there the next year (1980). So his leaving SK in 1972, had nothing to do with NK. It was because of the political strife between him & the dictator of SK Gen. Park, who took over in May 1961 via a military coup. He remained in power till he was assainated by his own KCIA chief in 1978. Also, GM Rhee, Ki Ha, never left the Ambassador. He was loyal to him till the end & has followed his dying wish till this day.