Master Rhee Chong Chul
Was hand picked during his service in the Korean Marines to learn the then new South Korean military sponsored martial art and then teach Taekwondo. Master Rhee Chong Chul is one of the 1st x 12 Korean Masters under General Choi to be sent out by the South Korean Government around the world to spread the Korean art. Master Rhee’s fierce military background, amazing Taekwondo skills and leadership ability are common knowledge to most of the Korean community.

General Choi/Master Rhee Chong Chul
Most of the original Masters ceased all association with General Choi when he defected to the Communist North in 1973 (as all the original Masters were all South Korean’s & most had families still residing in SK ) as a result General Choi wrote most of the original Masters (that did not follow him after his defection) out of ITF history. The few like Master Rhee Ki Ha that retuned to General Choi after he restabilised him self in Canada still remain in the “official” ITF history books.

Rhee Taekwondo School
Rhee Taekwondo still teaches the original Chang-Hon style (no Sine-wave & competition). Hyungs taught are the original Choi-ji Hyung in original formal order (pre General Choi’s 1973 split, and ITF rebirth & reorganisation in Canada 1980). Rhee Taekwondo is self defence originated.

Rhee TKD Black Belt
The average person training 3 supervised nights/lessons a week, that is fit, flexible, listens and follows instruction will achieve black belt in 3 to 5 years. However some gifted individuals have attainted a Rhee Taekwondo black belt quicker than 3 years but they are few.

Rhee TKD websites
There is no official Rhee Taekwondo website, Master Rhee is the head of the organisation and he doesn’t like or trust the Internet as per most elder people. However each region may run their own web sites for advertising purposes if they believe they are necessary. However most regions don’t but a small number do. These sites are not regulated by Master Rhee as he believes each region Sabumnim should do the right thing, as they are his students.