I agree fully with Tim, i'm not so concerned about wat belt im wearing as i am how my technique,speed and power are. I'd happiliy go without a belt if need be aslong as i can see im getting better. I also agree that u cant really properley comment on sum1's martial art until uve been to a few lessons and talked to the instructors there. And Tae Kyon defientaley isnt TKD lol i dont no wat the guy who wrote that was on. As u no i have been training for 10 months now or so and i really dont have that much background to speak of so commenting all ur questions is very hard for me but i try my best :P My instructors r great people and great instructors and i have alot of respect for them. If ur ever down in australia VDJ gimme a shout and i'd be more then happy to take u to a couple classes with me