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I would suggest you read this article if you wish to see a viewpoint which I agree with on the subject:


According to this, there is a definite set of behaviours and indicators which can generally be taken as a protocol for the indication of impending violence against you. If the stages and indicators are present in the altercation, this forms a foundation upon which to build a self-defense claim regarding a pre-emptive strike.

Trying to claim self defense without being well informed about criminal mindset and indicators of violence is a pointless activity. Furthermore, I believe that people should read this article so that if they end up in a self defensive situation, they can confidently use a pre-emptive strike if the situation requires it. Knowledge is power.

A good way to assess and acknowledge your self defensive tactics in relation to the five stages of violence is to follow the pyramid of personal safety (http://www.nononsenseselfdefense.com/pyramid.html). My personal defensive layer strategy goes further by adding more layers to the pyramid, acknowledging that pre-emptive strikes are a separate layer from the rest of physical self defense:

1) Common sense
2) Avoidance
3) Awareness
4) Humour/light heartedness
5) Rapport creation
6) Verbal SD
7) Fence
8) Escape
9) Pre-emptive strike
10) Physical self-defense

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