Some definitions

Preemptive Strike = a physical strike made prior to a physical attack being made against the person. thus pre-empting the attack with one of your own.

Striking first, throwing the first punch etc = the act of being the first person to initiate a physical strike/attack. it can be preemptive or premeditated. it is simply the one who hit first, or attempted to hit first, regardless of motive.

I understand the stance being taken by Midnight Crawler and don't intend to try and change his mind, but I am curious what your feelings is on other preemptive actions besides a strike. for example What is you opinion on preemptively restraining someone with a lock /hold what ever as opposed to hitting them.

Legally holding someone could still be considered assault, even just touching them in some areas.

Another thing we should remind ourselves of is the fact that we are from different countries, and although in general western countries do have similar laws ( actually probably most countries) they are different even between states in the same country.

for eg up until a fairly recently, in NSW Aust one at to prove it was self defence wheres as in QLD one had to prove it wasn't. It has now changed in NSW.
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