Hi there Mark, McSensie, Eternal Student and Leo.

Apologies to Globetrotter who asked a specific question but I'll be with you shortly.

It looks as if we have a general consensus that to pre-emptively strike, whilst being legal, is ill advised as the likelyhood of being convicted is to say the least very high.

To my critics of whom there are many!! In one of my posts I said I didn't expect to win any popularity contests on this and I was proved right!! However, I do remain consistent and believe that my opinion is right for me. To those who are not with me on this, my belief is that at that moment in time you do belittle yourselves, as you do know better, or should do. There is always a better way out of the situation, or at least one which will give you a higher chance of not being convicted.

Regards to all.

God only knows; Really.