This whole issue hinges on the true definition of the word "pre-emptive". In the U.S. the law allows for a victim to "defend" him/herself when the offender makes any actions or states any words that a "reasonable person" would believe are a precursor to violence. For example, when a person says "I'm gonna kick your a**" to you, IF a reasonable person would believe that 1) he meant it, & 2) the attack IS IMMINENT , you can defend yourself.

Making such a statement is illegal in the US & is called an "assault", NOT to be confused with a "battery" which is an "unwanted touching".

However, semantically speaking, once you respond to a "battery", you are NOT acting pre-emptively anymore (you are acting responsively).

ALSO: young master Crablord. You need to chill out! At age 15, and living at home with mommy & daddy, you SHOULD show more respect to other ADULTS on this board (and elsewhere).

Disagree respectfully & DON'T have the expectation that others are going to conform to your OPINIONS! When discussing philosophy, NO one is ever "right" or "wrong", yet come from different perspectives.

Also, if I read anothert one of your posts discussing your MANY, MANY fights and skirmishes, I'm gonna vomit.

Trouble rarely finds a person time and again, but certain people, thru actions & attitudes search out trouble themselves (whether they are aware of this or not).

You seem to be quick to get angry, quick to argue, quick to insult, quick to fight! Please realize that at 15, the vast majority of male adults on this planet (regardless of martial arts training) could probably hurt you in a fight.

And... judging from your posts, it sounds like it would do you some good!

So, be quiet, be humble, LEARN and ANALYZE situations, & stop reacting with immediate anger. Bad attitude + bad luck (wrong opponent) = early grave.