I think that we are tied up (or at least I am) on the "never" - ok, let me try this question - it is 4 am, you have just gotten in off of an 8 hour flight, and you are in a city that isn't your home. you are walking to your hotel from the train station, and, a block or so from your hotel, a man is walking on the sidewalk towards you, not terribly threatening. you have a heavy garment bag/computer bag from your shoulder, and he is between you and your take the right side of the wide sidewalk, and he vers toward your path. you shift left, and he shifts left. you stop, and he says "got any money for me?", with a vaguly threatening look. you say no, and shift again, and he shifts into your path and says again "I want your money".

what do you do?

this is something, by the way, that happened to me.