Hi Crabbie


Storm - I dont want to do _______ with you
mattj - Please?
storm - no, dont come near me, I already told you i dont want to.
*matt grabs/approaches storm anyway
*storm punches matt in the head.

This is an excellent example of the 'right' time to respond in a display of CONTROLLED violence, as in this example Matt has grabbed Storm. In this example you have got it totally right. Although having been grabbed, Storm is not pre-empting anything, the assault is in progress and she is defending herself. It makes a big difference, 'at least to me it does'. If Matt is just approaching Storm then why doesn't she just get the hell out of there? Run away, there's no shame in running, it's a valid SD technique. In the majority of instances running isn't used due to ego taking over. For some reason ego is less prevalent in females than in males, testosterone again I expect.

To answer your other question. The upholding of the law of the land is the responsibility of ALL good citizens. I personally loath paying tax but I do so because it is the law. If it was to be made voluntary I wouldn't do it.


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