Yes you are right we do "let them tell us what to do" in that they instruct us in the physical techniques, but that does not mean that I will permit myself to be indoctrinated in their way of thinking. I once found myself in this situation and the instructor was adamant that we all had to think along her lines.

I was the first customer to tell her to mind her own business and to teach techniques as that was what we were paying for. If I wanted philosophy I'd pay a philosopher to teach me, if I wanted religion I'd go to a Priest, Rabbi, Mullah or whatever qualified person represented the religion I was interested in. Once I'd made my stand, she lost at least 50% of her customers. So don't for one moment conclude that I'm the only MA customer who feels this way.

A question for you please. What makes you think that you assume a sufficient level of importance in someone else's life that they would A) want to, and B)try to kill you?


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God only knows; Really.