I have already said that I do not have a daughter of 15 yrs of age, my youngest daughter is 26, so I have answered your question. If you keep on about her age she might end up aged 90 before the point is grasped!!!

As to your second point, I thought you would know the answer by now. I'd convict the bugger as he struck first, thereby initiating the violence. Not difficult to grasp now is it?


Its hard to believe you said that having a daughter yourself, as you seemed to be putting the law above her and everyone elses protection.

I have in fact two Daughters and two Sons all of which are doing very well. My oldest Daughter has been married five years and hopefully will make me a granddad before two long, provided that is between the two of them her husband and her are able to work out what goes where. I ask you five years and no kids. I failed in her education somewhere!!

No-one (yes that's right) No-one is above the law of the land, and I'll provide two examples by way of explanation. Her Majesty the Queen pays income tax just like everyone else, and you might remember what happened to the President of the USA in the 1970's one Richard Nixon when he overstepped the mark. It was known as the 'Watergate Scandal'.


I dont give a crap

Have you tried Senna pods mate?

Oh, sorry I'll read that again!!


I dont give a crap if its illegal. Im gonna do anything I need to do in my defence. Thats the view you should have, instead of " no we cant protect ourselves its illegal". [censored] the law

From your above statement I conclude that you have no respect for the law. This being the case I quite rightly put you at the same level as the scum which Drew and myself referred to in some earlier posts. Anyone who disrespects the law I would categorise in the same manner. A person cannot consider themselves to be an upright law abiding citizen, 'which I would expect you do' and then pick and chose which laws they elect to obey. Its an all or nothing situation, if you step over that line I'll take great pleasure in helping to put anyone down. Tax fiddlers, embezzelers, arsonists, bank robbers, muggers, drug dealers or pre-empters, makes no difference to me, they are all in the same boat.


Thats the view you should have, instead of " no we cant protect ourselves its illegal". [censored] the law

Never tell me how I should think. Having worked my arse off I have three degrees from various institutions. This might suggest that I am in fact more highly qualified than yourself. OK there is the chance I may not be, but don't tell me how to think. One of the marks of Nazi Germany was that it told its citizens how to think, one of the marks of the Bushido Academy of Martial Arts (UK) is that it tells its customers how to think. Don't do that with me. EVER.


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