I have already said that I do not have a daughter of 15 yrs of age, my youngest daughter is 26, so I have answered your question. If you keep on about her age she might end up aged 90 before the point is grasped!!!

As to your second point, I thought you would know the answer by now. I'd convict the bugger as he struck first, thereby initiating the violence. Not difficult to grasp now is it?

Midnight, possinly the most stupid view I have ever seen. drgndrew is right. Although you and I share the same view of preemptive strikes, my reasons are totally different and at the very least, good ones. I wouldnt use preemptive strikes because I don think they would work 70% of the time , not because i disagree with their principles. If you feel that it is A) neccesary and B) able to be pulled off then by all means go for it. drgndrew you were right, but I dont reccomend a girl use a preemptive strike against her horny boyfriend. You know what would happen? shed hit him, hed get [censored] off and rape her. I think she should try and convince him with words, and if it gets to the stage where she needs to hit, such as him grabbing her, after shes said this, then its not preemptive any more. Its " beat the crap out of this sonofabitch til his head is knocked off then run away.
Midnight, in all honesty your views are actually rather silly, and outdated/unrealistic. Its hard to believe you said that having a daughter yourself, as you seemed to be putting the law above her and everyone elses protection. I dont give a crap if its illegal. Im gonna do anything I need to do in my defence. Thats the view you should have, instead of " no we cant protect ourselves its illegal". [censored] the law
"They say the only way to kill a lion is with a rear naked choke, but I'd just kick it in the head"