You're avoiding the question, which is a natural reaction when answering truthfully contradicts a previous stance, let me rephrase it:

Would your view still be the same if it was your 26 yr old daughter fighting of the "gentleman" who now expects something in return for the "insert favour" he just done for her?

So she should wait to be struck or raped, before fighting back???

I have no intention of changing my stance on this subject irrespective of the cute way in which you praise your question. OK, got it? Stop trying to play silly sods, you ain't good enough.

Obviously I would not be involved in jury service if my youngest daughter was in the dock charged with assault. Should she be found guilty, she deserves the proscribed legal punishment. If she did strike pre-emptively and get off, she then has me to deal with and she wouldn't want that outcome believe me.

God only knows; Really.