Nice post again Midnightcrawler

Your comment “caused more problems than they ever prevented or cured”

Is of course totally correct, from your perspective.
Door staff now HAVE to be a very different breed, new qualifications, training and CRB check, to remove the “gormless idiots” and prevent more starting door work. Doesn’t work perfectly, but it has really changed the Thug element..

I really like your comment:-

“I would NOT under any circumstances lower my behavioural standards to that which I had been party to witnessing.”

Door supervision has now become a professional occupation, so door staff should behave in a professional manner at all times.

You said:-
“I'm personally sick to death of the prevailing attitude that 'anything a Martial Artist does is OK'”

Wow!! That is spot on as well!!! So many think that the are some sort of comic book superhero………..

So if we don’t agree on the principle of pre-emptive strikes, we do seem to agree on much else


Gormless Idiot {Mark}