My mind on this matter was made up years ago, the circumstances of which I posted above. Maybe you would like to re-read it and try to see where I'm coming from. I PERSONALLY made a decision about pre-emption based upon MY scruples and morals, and based on my moral code I consider those who are willing and enthusiastic and teach to strike pre-emptively to be beneath contempt, in particular those who teach it, as by so doing (especially to kids) they continue the myth that pre-emption is OK and is justified, when any 'decent' person can see the moral laxity and redundancy in this attitude. As I have said; I will always witness against the pre-emptive striker (IE for the prosecution) should the opportunity arise, and I would of course try a case according to the evidence as is demanded by law. Should the evidence suggest pre-emption then that person is going down if I'm on the jury.

I'm personally sick to death of the prevailing attitude that 'anything a Martial Artist does is OK' as they will always be in the right. Wrong, they are just as likely to be in breach of the law as is any other sector of society. Get it kids, 'there's nothing special about us' we don't have any more rights than anyone else.

As to the matter of your friends carrying concealed weapons, your duty to society is to report these persons to the authorities immediately if not sooner. If they use these weapons then you will be culpable in the committing of an offence. The carriage of weapons is not a new phenomenon, as far back as the 1950's the 'Teds' used to carry cutthroat razors, and stitch razor blades behind their lapels in case they were grabbed by them.

I don't expect to win any popularity contests on this, just to demonstrate a more MORAL stance than is usually brought to bear. Also, I am not an ambassador for martial arts and have never claimed or professed to be one, I just abhor violent and immoral behaviour and will not allow pre-emption to be taught in my Dojo. No I'm not the Sensie, but I am the landlord.


I have already said that I do not have a daughter of 15 yrs of age, my youngest daughter is 26, so I have answered your question. If you keep on about her age she might end up aged 90 before the point is grasped!!!

As to your second point, I thought you would know the answer by now. I'd convict the bugger as he struck first, thereby initiating the violence. Not difficult to grasp now is it?



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God only knows; Really.