Well, I don't have a 15 year old daughter. My youngest daughter is 26.

You haven't answered the question, So she should wait to be struck or raped, before fighting back???


Photographic and video evidence rarely proves innocence,

It doesn't have to it has to prove guilt.

Imagine you view footage: one man is constantly moving into the personal space of another, his body language is aggressive and domineering. the other man is backing up with his hands raised in as passive posture. After a moment the second man suddenly strikes the aggressive one with the heel of his palm straight into his chin, knocking him off his feet. The striker quickly backs away moving off camera.

There are witnesses most of them say there was an argument and that guy knocked the other down. but one or two of them said they heard the man, who struck, say several times that he didn't want to fight.

You're a member of the jury, keeping in mind reasonable doubt, do you vote the man guilty of assault, or do you except his claim the he acted preemptively in self defence.

Actually I'l post this as a poll in another thread, just for curiosity.


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