being as I am a short fat old man, I am assuming that any such conflict will involve a pre-emptive strike from me.


Snap! I'm also old, short and fat (well reasonably fat) but I'm going to assume that I'm sufficiently switched on to ensure that I'm never involved with physical violence outside of the Dojo. That is not a criticism of you in any way and hope that you didn't construe it as such. Please read on for my reply to Mark for additional background to my rationale.


Thanks for your comments. Whilst I doubt we will ever agree on this subject, I feel you deserve an explanation of the reasons behind the stance which I take. We need to go back quite a few years, in fact back to the early 60's through to the middle to late 70's.

During that time I worked for record companies and music publishing houses as a 'record plugger',this was an up market term for 'sales rep'. As such I had to visit radio stations (not a lot about in those days, well not 'legit' ones) dance halls , (anyone remember those?) and the 'then' newly emerging discotheques/night clubs. It wasn't a bad job, reasonably well paid, company car, expense account and hotel accommodation. (Not 5 star, or even 4 come to that!!) However I was very happy with my situation as being a single chap and visiting all these exciting establishments opportunities frequently arose to avail myself of 'crumpet' amongst other things.

Part of the job was to check up on the accuracy of the information feedback from dance halls and discotheques of the 'dance floor reaction' to any particular record we were aiming to release. All the establishments I visited got advanced promo copies gratis anything up to six weeks prior to release. Therefore as you can see I have spent a hell of a lot of time in discotheques, dance halls and night clubs in a work related capacity.

From that which I witnessed night after night after night in these establishments up and down the country for many years I can with hand on heart state that the door stewards, security staff, greeters, bouncers whatever you want to call them caused more problems than they ever prevented or cured. It mattered not one jot if there was any justification for the fracas nor the reason for starting it. Any excuse would do, argument over a bird, spilt beer, a piece of clothing being burnt by a cigarette, someone turning and unexpectedly elbowing another in the ribs, you name it and the 'I'll use the term bouncers' would pounce and proceed to beat the crap out of the perceived perpetrator and anybody who got in their way. Any excuse would do, and all in the name of 'pre-empting' a bigger problem and on the pretext of self defense.

Now I would expect you to say that these were no more than bullies, and if you did you would be right, that is exactly what they were. However, if we accept that the word 'Martial' means 'Military' then 'Martial Artist' implies 'One skilled in the arts of the military'. This is where it gets more interesting. Most, but not all of those employed in this capacity were off duty service personnel about 80%, along with off duty police officers (mostly PC's) who had also been in the services accounted for 15%, the other 5% were civilians who just enjoyed a punch up, amature boxers and the like. All, yes I really do mean ALL the problems were started by so called professional 'Martial Artists' on the pretext of 'pre-empting' a problem. This is the reason I took up MA so that I would be able to DEFEND myself against these gormless idiots, but I vowed right from the start that I would NOT under any circumstances lower my behavioral standards to that which I had been party to witnessing.

That is why I stated in an earlier post, that I will ALWAYS witness for the prosecution against anyone who I see taking the first strike option, as I have personally 'tarred them all with the same brush'.

Oh Mark, in this post I have used the expression 'gormless idiots' as that is what I have concluded them to be, please don't be offended by my use of the term.


God only knows; Really.