Yeah, but what often happens is that when someone stands up to them, they get shot for their efforts. I canít tell you HOW many times Iíve read about arguments between folks turning into murder charges. No reason to up the stakes if you could just leave the scene.


Fair enough. I live in a rural part of the UK, so guns aren't an issue. OK, so you never know, but assuming everyone's carrying a shooter would see me living the life of a hermit.

But yes I completely agree that self defence is not getting into violent confrontations in the first place. I'm very selective of where I go out drinking nowadays (growing up...), as it's just common sense not to go to the dodgy bars.

I'm interested to know when you would advocate physical self defence then? Are you saying never? Are you saying there is always a non violent way out? That's something I used to believe until some drunk 18-stone nutter came up to me in a club asking if I was "looking at my bird".

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