The person who strikes the first blow is in my opinion beneath contempt, yes I know you are accurate in your quote of UK law, but it makes no difference to my view of the matter.

Just wondering if your view would still be the same if it was your 15 yr old daughter fighting of the "nice boy" who now expects something in return for the movie he just paid for.

If you have an honest belief and this is a genuine self-defence situation, then camera phones, CCTV etc will show that and your lawyer will use it to prove the case of self defence. if you have genuinely tried to de-escalate and or avoid violence then that will be evident in the footage.

Well, I don't have a 15 year old daughter. My youngest daughter is 26.

Photographic and video evidence rarely proves innocence, as what is normally seen by a magistrate or jury is two people having an argument which is then escalated into physical violence by the person who throws the first strike. This is why photographic and video evidence is in the majority of instances submitted by the prosecution and not by the defense. This is highlighted by the fact that video evidence has been used in a number of high profile case where police officers have 'overstepped the mark', in order to secure a conviction.

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God only knows; Really.