If some drunk guy is in MY face being abusive to me or my wife, I’d have a talk with him and/or simply LEAVE the scene.

The question is, “where” are you when you’re confronted by a drunk guy? The second question might be, “why” are you there? Self-defense is not being “there” in the first place and then leaving as soon as trouble starts brewing. But that is just common sense.

Think about it folks, how many different things can you do in this situation BEFORE things get violent? In a bar? Get the attention of a bouncer. On the street? Go into a public place and/or call the cops from there.

Has anyone ever heard of running away? Ever seen really drunk guys run? They generally don’t chase you very far before they decide it’s a lot easier to just go have another drink. Either that or they "face plant" into the asphalt.

It’s just amazing that so many here seem to be so paranoid and full of bravado.

If it is your JOB to keep order, we’re talking about different dynamics at work. If you’re a “civilian”, just go home, lol. You have NOTHING to gain from reacting violently. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule. But if you keep in mind the triple stupid rule (don’t do stupid things, with stupid people in stupid places) you should fare pretty well.

Of course, some folks are naturally going to have a hard time not being stupid. That’s why God “invented” natural selection.

NewJitsu wrote:

Mishael is spot on - you have a guard or fence, and if it is touched or broken, then I call that justification for a pre-emptive strike.

If someone lays hands on you, sure, jack ‘em up. THEN bolt.


This is almost going down the 'human rights' argument. If people are going to throw their weight around and start picking on others for no reason, they lose that right. It is because no one stands up to them that they continue doing what they do until some innocent gets really hurt.

Yeah, but what often happens is that when someone stands up to them, they get shot for their efforts. I can’t tell you HOW many times I’ve read about arguments between folks turning into murder charges. No reason to up the stakes if you could just leave the scene.