The person who strikes the first blow is in my opinion beneath contempt, yes I know you are accurate in your quote of UK law, but it makes no difference to my view of the matter.

Just wondering if your view would still be the same if it was your 15 yr old daughter fighting of the "nice boy" who now expects something in return for the movie he just paid for.

If you have an honest belief that you are in danger you have every legal and moral right to strike preemptively. If you have an honest belief and this is a genuine self-defence situation, then camera phones, cctv etc will show that and your lawyer will use it to prove the case of self defence. if you have genuinely tried to de-escalate and or avoid violence then that will be evident in the footage.

Of course if it's not a Genuine self defence situation then maybe you should worry.

I am so sick of hearing Self-defence being tossed around when in all reality most pup oriented violence occurs due to ego not the need to protect yourself or another from harm.

How do you know someone asked, you just do if you are not feeling in danger then you have no honest belief that you need to act pre-emptively.

Pub fights and street fights are not self defence they are ego based not safety based. I'm not saying that genuine self defence situation's don't occur in these settings, of course they do, but most pub situations are avoidable. The vast majority that comes to blows is because of the ego. ( this is based on my own experiences and observations on the door and experiences and research of others who's material I have studied.)

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