A valid strategy? Absolutely.

Would I use it myself? No, almost never.

You can be 99 % sure someone is going to attack you and then...nothing. I've seen it quite often and have also been there, right up in someones face screaming and shouting, threatening allsorts and then it all sort of just peters out with no actual violence. If I had struck pre-emptively I would have been in twice the number of fights I have.


Exactly the point I was making in my post above.

Of course it will depend on the school or other training organisation which the individual attends, in that some (the disreputable ones) will encourage this type of behaviour. I suppose that the schools which enthusiastically teach and encourage this type of behaviour have been founded and staffed by the sort of individuals who enjoy physically imposing their will on others, IE Bullies.

There are unfortunately a number in existence in the UK (BAMA) being one example and others where regular and severe beatings are handed out to students by higher grades and instructors. I strongly believe that this type of organisation should be weeded out and the protagonists banned from teaching.
God only knows; Really.