Harlan says:-

“...the next instance could be popping your wife in the mouth for yelling about you being out too late.”

Nothing wrong with an appropriate level of domestic discipline. Vital that she knows her place…

Stopping a woman{person} being attacked, isn’t really a pre-emptive strike, violence is already in progress, giving the guy a blind side right hand to the jaw, is more like sniping, and a very joyous thing to do it is….

I think some people, have interpreted a pre-emptive strike to prevent the other person getting a shot at you first, into Smacking some poor innocent if they so much as look at you..

All the times I have been in “no mans land” at work with some [censored] twat squaring up to me, any second he is going to try to hit me, all my conflict resolution isn’t working, I can feel my bottle slipping….. the legs going, butterfly’s, voice cracks, heart racing……… the guys just gets that little too close , or shows me a tell tale, or does his 3 look target acquisition….. I KNOW HE IS ABOUT TO HIT ME…. So bang right hand to the side of the jaw….moving into catch/restrain him……

Maybe if he isn’t that big, a double hip punch to the solar. Not always going to put him down, but he is going to move back

Wow as I type I really miss working on the doors etc……. OMG!!! That’s very dumb