An attack doesn't start when the first strike is thrown, it starts many steps before that. If you have an honest believe that you are in danger, then you are legally and morally permitted to respond preemptively.

There are alternatives to the preemptive strategy, for sure there are are other ways, but it has been proven again and again that the person who hits first is the one more likely to eat at home.

We are talking self defence here not some dojo sparing session. I have over 20 years of TMA and RBSD behind me. I've been there and know the difference. It is not dishonest to pre-empt infact a preemptive strike often equates to a lower overall quantity of violence so you could say it is more honourable.

A lot of the the things ( advice etc) that I heard on the forum seem to be Martial arts related as opposed to self defence related.

Get in touch with reality guys, take a holistic view of a self defence situation, don't just concentrate on the techniques. for eg a head lock was introduce as a scenario in another thread, well how the hell did you get into that situation in the first place, I guarantee there was at least 3 occasions that you could have defended before the Headlock.

Sorry Guys I don't mean to come across as lecturing or talking down to you, and I love Traditional Martial Arts (TMA) I would not trad 2 decades of study of it for anyone. or anything ( except my wife , But thats obvious.. Hey I'm in love and proud of it )..... where was i ... oh yeah... but real life street attacks are not the same as in the Dojo it requires a different approach, mindset, you have fear involved at a plethora of other factors most of which are unpredictable. I am one of the pro TMA guys maybe I had been lucky my I found my TMA very helpful when on the door, but it was modified or stratified. Personally i find TMA and RBSD to compliment each other very well.
It's like men and women they go well to together but lets be honest they ARE different ( no offense intended to the gay dudes and dudetts, it's just not my thing)

Any way Someone's bound to get [censored] of at me for this but the only true constant in the universe is .....TRUTH. this is just what i've discovered to be true
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