What would you say is the main signature characteristics of your particular style? Is there one technique or aspect that stands out in your art?

Here is one from my art (Minghequan:

Front view of the Shiho Tien Sh-it (Feeding Crane Open's it's Wings). The body position (Tiwei) is held supple and relaxed and is likened to a bow with the limbs being the arrows (Zhang). The energy is lead by the mind through what is known as Xinyi (“Intention”) and delivered via Zhiqiao (“Limb Skill”). White Crane Kung Fu is a soft style which focuses on short ranged hand techniques, with a strong emphasis on applying Dan Dou Qin (Chi tremor). Like an agile bird it eschews confrontations of head-on power. It utilizes folding and flapping actions for elbow and hand continually exchanging with one another. Some times the crane is frontal like a posturing bird. Sometimes it turns suddenly with a surprising wing like covering. In ancient days observers were amazed at the sight of cranes taking off into flight and cracking the branches of nearby trees with the tips of their wings. This idea of extreme acceleration is still evident in the shivering fingertips of crane practitioners when they utilize this energy.

The mind's (Yi) "intent" must also be properly focused and centred within when executing movement. One must not allow the mind to become distracted or bound by external thoughts, the mind should be focused. Qi/Chi only moves only as the mind moves. Energy is directed by your mind. The “Yi” (mind) leads the “Li: (body). The use of the breath is also important as in Chinese martial arts Qi/Chi is breath.

When you have the proper mindset (intent) combined with the correct body posture and breathing then you will develop correct Fajin or expression of energy.
"I do not know what I know. I 'feel' it, unlike those that think they know, yet know not"