Putting aside all the arguments about forms and their aplications and usefulness. The bottom line if you practice TKD chances are you must do forms. Having had the oppertunity to practice other styles I have been exposed to different methods and patterns of forms.

My question for you is, is there some element missing in forms?

I was thinking of my kenpo training and how it so much resembled jeet kune do and filipino MA. I started thinking that in my kenpo forms, we often had movements that involved both our upper and lower limbs, for instance, I could be throwing a straight punch and a low ront kick to someones knees simltaneously. I have not found an example of this in TKD forms.

I've also begun to look through all my archives of different martial art forms. There are some styles that practice forms a little faster than others. I guess this varies by school and instructor.

Shaolin kenpo is a multiple open and closedfist strikig style which places great emphasis on rapid striking. This is something eles that I do not see in TKD forms.

Ofcourse I cant ignore the obvious that kenpo itself being the first american MA and having branches that are virtually new arts compared muh of the other oriental arts. The american forms for kenpo tend to be very fast paced. However, not unlike many chinese style forms found in chuan fa.

So I guess after all this babbling, I've notice there is no simultaneous striking with the hand and feet and lack of hand speed and multiple hand strikes.

But looking at the WTF black belt forms, there seems to be more cohesion between the limbs.
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