My master was and his brothers are from Vietnam, one was brutally injured and became an acupuncturist. I asked the same question, he admitted such a point exists but refused to reveal the location. Odd when I make y'all split up laughing in one moment. I believe that he would not reveal the point as its location was too close to a very bad point and to hit one alone not happening. OK Laugh, the meridian point behind the coccyx...your poor vic has somehow landed face down and is docile enough to kick w/ the point of your cruel shoe aiming at anus but just above (down side-broken coccyx might cause perm nerve damage), if this poor innocent hoodlum has..."a load not disposed of", the voluntary and involuntary anal sphincters relax...why do I mention these things??? The Fecalator....anyone want to try to give it a more martial sounding name.
do not try to spork the post, for that is impossible, only realize there is no post to spork