I do not know what the policy of TKDT's is in regards to getting on the cover. If its buying so many issues, then why hasn't GM Hee Il Cho been on the cover in like forever ? He is definitley a big supporter (one of the first actually) of the magazine, as is the Instructor of one of their columnist, Doug Cook, GM Richard Chun ?

Well I do believe that is the way that someone gets on the cover. THEY have to buy a set number of magazines from TKDT. In other words, whomever wants to be on the front cover, pays a fee, which in effect, buys them a certain number of issues. I do believe GM Hee Il Cho was on, maybe more than once. I would also guess that this does not preclude them from putting someone on the front cover that did not guarantee (buy) the issues up front, when they do not have someone for that month.