About 6 o clock tonight I was walking down to the video shop with a friend (japenese exchange student) to get a few movies. Anyway we were walking down one of the ramps leading to the shopping centre in which i noticed two druggo looking guys sitting down and talking. I didnt think much of it so we walked past them, suddenly the scruffy looking skinny one started yelling insults. " come here you [censored] dog hair [censored]" etc. Anyway I didnt want to get in a fight with 2 18 year olds so I walked on without saying anything. Anyway just as we were turning the corner into the shops he yelled anotehr insult, and I turned around and told him to [censored] off. As soon as I said that he ran over and tried to punch me in the face. I am extremely lucky he missed as I think it would have knocked me out, which god knows would have happened. Anyway after he threw the punch I threw a massively sloppy right hook, which connected. We then bolted like we had [censored] ants in our undies and ran into the shops. I was extremly lucky that he missed and I didnt, and that I had enough sense to run away. I admit, to my annoyance, that all my training went to hell and all I could think about was getting away. Im sure I wouldnt be in great shape right now had he not been drunk or whatever he was. Anyway I dont think ill walk around at night for a while, and hopefully you will take care too. I know it sounds silly, but please watch out where you walk at night, you might not be as lucky as me
"They say the only way to kill a lion is with a rear naked choke, but I'd just kick it in the head"