Last night, I was sitting in my apartment, when I heard some loud banging noises outside. I went out on my balcony to check it out. (I'm not the 'none of my business' type)

Right in front of my apartment, I saw someone swinging a baseball bat, smashing out the windows of a car. I quickly grabbed my spotlight, and shined it on him. He got into his car (parked right next to the one he was smashing) so I shined my light on the car, and got a complete description.

I called the police, and gave them all the details. Within twenty minutes, they knocked on my door, and asked if I could identify the vehicle. I went with the cop to the bottom of the hill, and positively ID'd the vehicle, and the man I had seen vandalizing the car. They carted him off to jail.

This leads to my question: Will the police give me a copy of the report? Will they give me the name of the guy they arrested?

The reason I ask is, the guy saw me shining my spotlight on him, and it's very easy to tell which apartment I was in. I'm worried about him coming back to get revenge on me for reporting him. I think knowing who he is would help me protect myself.

As you can imagine, I've been a tightly coiled bundle of nerves since last night.