Interesting article purporting a relationship between Tai Chi and Kyokushinkai karate. Apparently Mas Oyama sparred with a Tai Chi master named Mr Chen, who (according to the article) defeated Oyama.

"The long duel that followed was like a classic battle between the snake & the crane. Mr Chen was able to neutralize all the Karate attacks he could deliver, using smooth circular, arc-like movement & techniques. On the other hand, when Mr Chen counter-attacked, it was with a force that could not have come from a man his age. It was all Oyama could do to evade them, using linear, sometimes awkward movements. Eventually, seeing no sign of fatigue in the old man, & having exhausted all his techniques, Oyama gave up, admitting that he could not beat Mr Chen. Mr Chen laughed & thanked Oyama for giving him such a great workout, inviting him to stay for a few days to learn more. Oyama asked to be left alone for a short while to contemplate this defeat."

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Anyone else ever hear of this?
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