Hi! I just joined today! After some trial and error,looking for some weapons and styles I was good at and liked, I found that I was well suited for my own style of kickboxing, karate, taijustu I got from a book, and some moves I saw from Bruce Lee demos, and I was particuarly good with nunchakus. Not to brag but I could easily pick them up the first time I got my hands on a practice pair. (age 10) Ironicly, I only found out they're illegal in my state right when I got my first real pair, and had to send them back. I've looked around, and hadn't found a weapon I really liked or would want to train with for the next 10 years. Well, until I saw a demo of a guy with a rope dart. They just look amazing! I really don't mind the high amount of skill to use them cause I figured, I've got enough time to train, it's not like I'm going to war right?

Ok, to get to the point here, (sorry I tend to ramble.) anybody know some good books that I could study? I was thinking of getting a book from the Kungfu Brothers, and thinking of getting my dart from MLE.com Some help would be highly appreciated! Also, sorry if I seem alittle "cocky".