I'm not an arguement person. I don't know how I got involved in defending KO practice. I am truly sorry. I now know that this is not the right forum for that.

I spend very little time with KOs. All my Training yesterday was on kata and weapons defense. It was a typical day. No KOs. I taught two special needs classes and we never mention KO. My training is pretty well rounded.

I'm not attacking anyone else's training. I am sorry if someone thought I was attacking them. I don't even care that much how other people train. I just mind my own training. On the forum I expect to exchange ideas and experiences. That has been done pages ago on this thread.

I respect Gav and Scott for what they know and contribute. I still respect them. I expect the same. In my own posts, I try to respect every person who posts. I don't know what I did to deserve less. I don't log on to FA to be abused, backed into a corner or made to be defensive about my training by a co-mod and former mod, 2 against one, each of whom have more experience than I have. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I have expressed mine and the two of you have expressed yours.

I have read your opinions and find much for agreement and some disagreement and I'm OK with leaving it at that.
The older I get, the better I was!