To the best of my knowledge, it was Master Dillman. How he got it, I don't know.

I know that in KI, there has been some research with EEGs, VS and more, medical research. I am not qualified to speak about it so please don't ask. Doctors within the organization will have something to publish, I believe next year. I know that I was involved in data collection but I don't know what the bigger picture is. When the researched is published, I'll know and maybe post then.

One thing that is annoying is for people to say that there is or even is not, damage, with nothing but their "ought to be's" or other nonresearched based reasoning, to guide them.

I didn't realize, until this thread, that there were so many practitioners of kyusho, including my co-mod, who did not practice KO and who are against it. Now I know so I'm that much smarter. What of it? Everyone is entitled to his opinion and at this point, there isn't anything to argue about. It is part of the warp and whoof that makes this forum diverse and interesting. No winners. No loosers.

The grossest thing I have ever seen in a clip of someone's practice was a blood choke. I would never practice that way. OK so I saw the clip- I know what a person looks like in a blood choke- but it is way too dangerous for my approval. I am aware now that the KO evokes the same response from other people.

At one point in another thread, a horribly foreful and repeated KO occured. I thought the clip showed horrible abuse and I spoke out against it. I wanted to post a few of my own kinder gentler KOs to show how KO practice should be. There were instructors, approval for the moves, less force and so on. Fortunately, since it was a bad idea, I couldn't post them. Actually Gavin offered space on his sight for me to link to. So for now, If you don't think KO are safe to practice, don't practice them. If you do, find a good teaching situation and you'll probably want to keep quiet about it on FA because it is the minority practice.

If there are enough interested people, maybe we can post about what works and responses we get, but I don't see that there are enough interested people. I know that I intend to keep peace and keep my training to myself in this regard. I know that I don't want to be in a position of guaranteeing for anyone, particuarly an unsupervised beginner, that KO are safe. I'm not going there. All of martial arts practice is potentially dangerous. That is why they make you sign those little release forms when you sign up in a school.
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