I'm in the middle of getting Jack Hogans seminar from Fineland. I'm getting all 4 dvds. He discusses, pressure points, Dillmans method, Small circle theory and concepts. I've seen Mr. Dillmans stuff on a couple of documentories and Believe it or not shows, but I've never actually seen the entire seminar. I wonder if this stuff wil be easy to learn. Also I to question lke most other MAist, the practicality of applying pressure point techniques. I am a big believer in vital points, however, I know nothing about pressure points they seem to precise to be of real use in self defense when everything must be done under pressure.

Hmm thats all I have to say, I've really only came in here to let you know I'm getting those 4 dvds and because you guys sem to need some conversation in here, so let me know what you think about Dillman, his seminars, Jack Hogan, the application of pressure points in self defense and so forth.

I'll be back to read your statements. Um please remember that I am a newb to this area. I don't mean to come off saying something like PP's are worthless, but like many I am just skeptical.
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