This post is for anyone looking to spar at home using simple materials. Feel free to post any sparring or training equipment that can be made at home.

Cheap Home Made Weapon Sparring :
What me and my friends did for weapon full contact sparring was goto ace hardware and buy around 30 feet of pvc pipe 2mm thick. We also bought that black foam thats used to insulate pipes and some masking tape.
With all these materials we made 2 2-handed swords, 2 bo staffs, 2 night sticks, and 2 short swords for only $30!.

We can fight full contact, but we use no sidestrikes to the head, no stabs to the face, and no groin shots. Its really fun and a good work out. Just make sure to double wrap the foam around the tips of your weapons and have the foam extending about an inch so you dont cut anyone! Eventually you will have to replace the foam unless you have allot of tape.
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