Well, it wasn't a "fight," really, but my friend who plays hockey as a goalie in club sports on my campus and I were standing around in the lobby of a dorm and for some reason, he insisted on challenging me. I was kind of "...this is dangerous, and moreoever, silly. What's going to happen when someone walks in here?" But, he seemed really quite eager, so we started "sparring," of sorts, which mainly consisted of me making sure he couldn't get close to me by whipping my foot around at head level (I'm TKD; I was deliberately missing too because I didn't want to hit him, just keep him away until he got bored so we could leave haha).

Eventually though, I stepped too close after putting my foot down and he tried to tackle me--alas for him, my TKD instructor has a mild side obsession with grappling, heh. So, I just held onto him and waited. He tried to push me into the wall to break my hold on him, but instead, I just kept holding on and tripped both his legs out from under him. He tried to stand back up, exposing his back, so I just hooked both my legs around his and grabbed him from behind and held him down in a backmount. At that point, I was like, "This looks sooo shady," so let go and we both stood up and left.

Something of a silly topic, but I thought it was interesting just because people associate hockey players with fighting just because of what happens on the ice.