I am going to say, No! None such animal as anti-grappling. I think the premise in a lot of martial arts is wrong when dealing with certain aspects of other arts. Basically, it is in considering the contention that you are either fighting fire with fire, or fire with water.

The problem is that within stylistic concerns, there is a tendency, which you cannot escape, of figuring out ways of besting opponents using the same tools, not different ones. This allows for one basic conceit: that you do not allow entrance of a technical tool bag that is outside the scope of what you normally deal with (i.e. for standup stylists you throw a kick or a punch, without the consideration of an intentional take down and in standard grappling environments, no one is going to throw a groin kick to you when you come in). The problem is less tenable in MMA owing to its acceptance of a larger arsenal to play with.

Now having said that, I come from a Kyokushin derivative and have never been offered an anti-grappling curriculum. What I have been shown, are certain techniques that might make it harder for someone to close the distance or to be able to do some things in close, but I will say that there is no substitute for a ground game besides learning to grapple…at least enough to know how to get back up.

Does this disabuse me of my karate practice? No, but it informs my karate practice to see how I would handle this type of assault. And the only way to know about what you are up against is to actually practice that which you seek to understand.