I have read about anti-grappling techniques that Kyushokin and its variants that use anti-grappling techniques.

Was just wanting to hear from folks who studied Kyushokin or its variants and how what they think of their anti-grappling techniques. Do you find them easy to apply, do they "flow" with the rest of your art (as in does it work well with the other things you learn besides anti-grappling) etc...

Reason I ask is because a) I am being genorous when I say I have a superficial knowledge of the aforementioned systems and b) there is a thread in the TKD/Korean arts form about TKD incorporating defenses against grappling/groundwork.

I figured I'd ask the people that know, seeing as it could be easier to translate the methods of Kyushokin, Enshin, Ashiara et al to TKD, than from other arts, due to the TKD/Karate's shared history.

Thread in the TKD forum I refer to is here: http://www.fightingarts.com/ubbthreads/s...=0#Post15888447
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