In closing, do your own research work. If you find the school and get the instructors name, and want references, then by all means ask away. But if you want to know where the closest school is because you cant be bothered to come out from behind the keyboard then I have no help for you. your post will be immediately deleted.

I'm all for doing your own research. Suppose I lived in West Bumble, there aren't likely to be that many schools and a search wouldn't take too long. I however, live in a big city; and according to Google there are 22 JKD schools within a 30 mile radius from my house. Would you rather me list all 22 and ask your reference on each? Or would you prefer me to ask, 'does anyone here train in Atlanta, and have a recommended school'?

Again, I totally agree, this isn't the Yellow Pages, I know (or can find out) where the closest school is to me. What I don't know is if any of those schools have quality instructors. I don't know if there is a little hole in the wall club that doesn't advertise that I might be interested in. I don't know if such-and-such was a great teacher, but has retired, and one of his students is opening a new school next month.

I'm not trying to be a jerk here (I just naturally sound like one ), I'm just stating that when I ask such a question it isn't necessarily due to laziness. I'm trying to find quality information that I cannot get elsewhere. If you were to send me a message asking for a good Aikido school in Atlanta, I'd be happy to tell you about 2 that open in January - and tell you all about the instructors, and their instructors, and their facilities. If you asked me about Brooklyn, I don't know and I just wouldn't answer.

That aside, does anyone have anything negative to say about the Francis Fong Academy (for JKD specifically)?