Those are all pretty good, except I don't agree that turning right or left implies anything that specific, tai sabaki is already shown in the techniques, the embusen isn't neccessary to show you tai sabaki. There was an embusen thread on this subject for a while in the forms and application forum.

My teacher wrote this book on the subject along with Lawrence kane: I've personally found it to be a good read, but I suppose i'm biased heh.

See what you think of the sample pages.

It goes into detail on the rules of kasai, and how they work, the rules of kasai are also mentioned in Toguchi's book Okinawan Goju Ryu Vol 2:,M1

There's a bit there on the rules of Kasai, unfortunately it only displays part of that section.

Also, i know it's generally accepted that forward=offense and backwards-defense, but I often wonder how this plays out on anyhting but a basic level. Really we should rarely be doing anything that's "defensive" in the sense of walking backwards while performing purely defensive movements it seems to me, so I often wonder about this rule.

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