It seems like you practice kata hoping to find something there, why not just practice something like jujutsu, something more simplistic and proven to be practical?

Isn't the best self defense the simplest?

I to find it very hard to trust those "experts" of bunkai, tuite and kata interpretation, because as you say, it may just be that it is only good with a willing opponent and not one who is truly resisting.

Neko456 - I'd like to inject a thought in references to the above statement, elders like Bossman already know this. Present day Jujitsu isn't how Jujitsu was taught 15-20 years ago. It was at that time pretty much like Karate technique and principles in most JJ dojo were taught with little resistance bc of the injuries that could happen. A Judo like approach started by Americans and Brazilans started this now seen JJ rage, where ground work is emphasised and practiced. Still the real dangerous techniques are still not trained. Real JJ you are broken while you fall!! Is one of the concepts.
Real Karate you are broken as you fall and after you fall. Whats precieved as Karate or JJ today is only Real by what we think is effective base on can you apply it in sparring or in a Cage or ring.

I believe anytime you put gloves on, its not Real Karate. I practice sometimes in gloves, and I know I have to change the way I strike in gloves. But its hard to find workout partners anymore if you are break each others noses, arms and ribs. Pain was accepted and expected back in the day, thats whats Real. Kata was always apart of this evolution.

Some Judo and JJ systems had or have kata/set forms.

I'll end with this statement "What is more simple then a strike?" to counter a aggressive move. But it takes years to Master it.

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